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Pets are Life ….where your Pet is Family

At Pets are Life, we believe that our real customers are your Pets. That’s why we put them first, always. Don’t just take our word for it….have a look at what our clients have to say.

pet_sittingPets are Life is a mobile Pet Services Company both in the UK in the Paddockwood area in Kent and in Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs, South Africa. We offer # Dog Walking, #Pet Feeding,# Pet House-sitting, #Pets Taxi services, #Pet Training and Communication, #Elderly pet care, #Pet rehabilitation and #Dog grooming. Our Services are available when YOU need them 24/7/365. We come to your home for a visit to meet with you and your pet/s, and in an in depth chat with you we will tailor the services required. We will also ask you to complete our comprehensive documentation so as to ensure that we have on hand all the information that we may need and that you are covered by our insurance.

As a team we are able to arrange a service for you at the spur of the moment, be there in an emergency, and look after your animals whenever needed. Sometimes when you are out working, or operating your own business, life changes your plans, and you can’t be home on time.

Nm-Logo-HresThat is when you don’t want to worry about “ whether the pet care is going to turn up or not ”. As we  are not a “one-man business”, but have several team members on call, we have the resources to pull people in and be there for you whenever you need a professional and friendly service.

AcanaWith Pets are Life your animal is part of our family where we come to you and provide the service which you requested. We will arrange a meeting with you in your own environment to meet with your animal/s and yourselves, during which we will discuss with you in detail the service which you require and we will tailor our service to your exact requirements.


The Team at Pets are Life are professional, experienced and very knowledgeable pet owners

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We also offer services for many other furry family members in your household.

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Have a look at some of our clients feedback!

Testimonials From Clients

Pets-for-life has been sitting my precious furry babies multiple times in the past 5 year and I can’t recommend them strongly enough. They are extremely professional and take good care of my cats while I’m away. I love the fact that the cats get to stay in the comfort of my (their) home, and Pets-for-life visits keep them not only fed, but entertained and cleaned up after (if they make a mess). I feel 100% at ease with leaving them in the hands of Pets-for-life. They have a copy of my keys so I can just shoot them an email notifying of my upcoming trips and trust that they will be there, even on short notice. They send clear and consistent confirmations of my requests and their visits, and provides great updates on how the cats are doing in my absence. The cats always seem really content when I return.
Candy Kitz

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