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My daughter and I have enjoyed the services offered by Pets are Life two or three times a week for over a year now, she for her 15 year old Cyprus Poodle, Minnie and I for my 12 year old, unusually large , Wire Hair Dachshund, Rudi. We have nothing but praise for the care and attention we have received and undoubtedly both dogs share this view, given the eager anticipation with which they wait to be whisked off on collection days.

Given my daughter’s variable working hours, there is no fixed pattern to pick up and drop off times and location and all too often these change at short notice. But Pets are Life take all this in their stride and are invariably most accommodating.

A year or so ago, Rudi developed a spinal problem, rendering him scarcely mobile and causing us to believe that his time had come. The vet could not offer a definite explanation, nor suggest any treatment. However, Pets are Life persevered with their special kind of therapy and today Rudi will chase a ball up the garden from dawn to dusk if he can find anyone with enough stamina and patience to keep throwing it.

Given all of this, I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Pets are Life and believe we have been very fortunate in developing a relationship with them.

Alan Pittaway

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