UK: 01959 562325 / SA: 0027828096677

We have two adorable cockerpoos, Freddie and Bertie, and Pets are Life have been looking after both of them during week days for us and when we go on holiday since they were young puppies.  Tine and her staff truly care for their canine charges and we can tell from the way Freddie and Bertie greet them that there is a very strong bond there.      They collect our dogs directly from where we live and are prompt and security conscious. The dogs experience fun packed days playing and socialising with the other dogs and going for walks.  Tine and her team have always been quick to alert us if they have any concerns about their health or diets and give us support where needed.  They are always easy to contact, flexible and totally reliable.  They offer an excellent grooming service which is really handy to use and ensures that the dogs are kept clean and tidy.  Tine and her team have helped us to train our two dogs and  keep them happy and healthy.  Her support has been invaluable to our dogs and our family!

Janette & Paul Wilkinson

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