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Pet Training and Communication

PetCommunication1DOES YOUR DOG:

If your answer is YES, we have a solution to your problems.

Training and interacting with your pet is not only about what you and we want to achieve. Our Pet Trainer and Communicator is able to listen to your pet’s own ideas and feedback and incorporates them into the training, so as to meet each dog’s specific needs. This makes all our interactions with your pet during Training, Dog Walking and House Sitting so much more effective.

When you work with our Pet Trainer and Communicator your bond with your pet will become stronger, and you will achieve better training results.

PetCommunication3What makes our Dog Training unique:

  • Our Training is custom made for each dog and owner. We prefer to train together with the owner, as this results in faster and longer lasting behaviour change.
  • Our training incorporates conventional methods, but how and when to use which exercise is not determined by a rigid program, but by information which the Pet Trainer and Communicator receives from the animal.
  • Some of the training can even be provided over distance, ie the Pet Trainer and Communicator, owner and animal never actually need to meet physically.

This service is available WORLD-WIDE.

For Pet Training and Communication Internationally the contact numbers are
+27 82 809 6677, Skypethomas.luhning1.

The Numbers for England are 07711 699851 or 01892 325499

Benefits of Pet Training and Communication

  • Pet Communication adds value to all our interactions with your pet, be it Training, Dog Walking or House Sitting. It improves understanding, and we help you to build a closer relationship between you and your pet, thereby strengthening the Animal – Human Bond.
  • Our approach to training has been found to be particularly effective with rescue animals, and those with behavioural, obedience, fear, anxiety and relationship problems ( towards people and or other animals).
  • Better results from training: Pet Communication creates a deeper understanding of your pet’s needs, and combined with conventional training methods creates a powerful training process.
  • Better identification and resolving of behavioural problems
  • Our Pet Trainer and Communicator “connects” not only with dogs, but with all animals.


Success Stories
Some of the success stories and changes in behaviour which we have achieved

  • Remi : a rescue Staffie who suffered from high anxiety and was so fearful that she did not even want to leave her house. Most progress was made when we listened to information received from Remi ( ie she telling us what training and activities she needed, and when). Over time the medication dosage has reduced and has now stopped completely, Remi is becoming less anxious and more confident, has started socialising and playing with other dogs, and is now enjoying her walks in the forest.
  • Ozzi : a Cockapoo who was barking excessively at other dogs and people. We included Ozzi’s suggestions in the training, and had a marked improvement in obedience and reduction in barking after only 3 sessions.
  • Buddy: a very active Husky who used to “take his owner for a walk” ( ie excessive pulling). After only 2 training sessions with the owner and Buddy, he was pulling less and walking heal most of the time. Buddy keeps letting us know what he would like to learn, and continues to spread his friendly Husky energy in the local town.
  • Dudley : a Beagle with the habit of howling at other dogs and people. One training session together with the owner achieved a marked reduction in howling.
Areas We Cover in England

EPP(within a radius of about 10 miles from Paddockwood

 Brasted  Hildenborough  Ide Hill    Kemsing    Leigh     Otford    Paddockwood and surrounding areas Sevenoaks    Sundridge      Tonbridge    Tunbridge Wells    Westerham

Areas we cover Internationally

This service is available WORLD – WIDE.

For Pet Training and Communication Internationally the contact details are: Thom Luhning +27 82 809 6677 ( mobile, What’sApp, Messenger), or Skype: thomas.luhning1 , or

The numbers in England are: 07711 699851 or 01892 325499

On site one-to-one training in the UK ( within 5 mile radius of Paddockwood) and in South Africa ( within 10km radius of Randburg) is available by appointment. On site training in other areas can also be arranged at an additional cost.

Messages from pets whom we have worked with

“I may not speak your language, but when you spend time in my presence, and listen with your heart, you will hear my voice”.

Why not contact our Pet Trainer and Communicator to find out how you yourself can get better at “hearing your pet’s voice”. Thom will work with you, so YOU too can “listen with your heart”.

Pets are Life….where our Pet Communicator takes YOUR relationship with your pet to another level.

Are you keen to resolve behavioural and obedience problems, while at the same time strengthening your Animal – Human Bond and taking your relationship with your pet to another level?

Please contact Thom Luhning on

At Pets are Life we Connect  –  Empower  –  Transform

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Client Testimonials

I have been a Pets are Life customer for many years now and I can honestly say that we have complete trust in Tine and her team.  From regular day care and last minute overnight care (when we have forgotten that we are away for an event!) to a full two week summer break, Alan (our Labrador) always comes back happy, healthy and worn out from all the playing with his friends.  I also have to say that the “quiet area” where Alan spent day care recuperating after an operation was a genius idea… Read more
Doug Merrett

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