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Pet Rehabilitation:

This service is the passion of Tine, who for a number of years, has been working with Vets in the area taking care of dogs who have special needs after an operation, or have a special sickness that needs constant care, or who have been neglected and need love and care to be able to lead a normal life again.

PetRehab2Tine works with all vets in the area who send her dogs to be cared for. We will come to you and provide the care your pet needs when you cannot provide it.

Just like us humans who have had an operation or a procedure done and require after care, animals need the same. You may not be able to take off work, or have another problem which prevents you from being there all the time to take care of your beloved pet. We will come to you and provide the care that is needed when you cannot provide it.

Although Tine is not qualified in any specific veterinary rehabilitation procedure, she works from experience gained and is passionate in this field. PetRehab3She is guided by what the vets ask her to do and her ability to sense the animal’s needs. Thom, our Pet Whisperer and Communicator will also add value to this process.

Some rehabilitation examples: Three years ago Tine rescued a Bulldog who had several ailments and infections, and who was also in desperate need of love and attention. Initially there was not much hope for a recovery. However within 4 weeks the bulldog responded to her care, was able to hear again, his eyesight improved and to-day he is a very happy boy having found his forever home with Tine.

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Working closely with the owner, an Alsation who had lost the use of her hind legs, recovered to be able to do assisted walks for short distances, and subsequently lived for another year against all odds.

A dog with Addison’s’ disease, is now able to lead a near to normal life again.

A dog with very bad pneumonia recuperated by adding love and care to the medications

Dogs requiring Hydrotherapy are taken to a qualified and health conscious facility, where they will receive the care needed for their specific need.

Tine also produces natural dog food for various conditions and feeds all her dogs natural and healthy dog food.

Pet Rehabilitation is offered in England. ( 07711 699851 or 01892 325499)

Areas We Cover in England

Within a radius of about 5 miles from Brasted

Brasted Chart
Biggin Hill
Bessels Green
Hurst Green
Ide Hill
Limpsfield Chart
Sevenoaks Weald

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My two yellow Labradors Monte & Louie have been regular visitors (At least once a week )to ‘Pets are life’ for over 4 years. When we moved from Brasted we ensured we didn’t move too far, so they were still able to attend.

They enjoy going and we know they are safe and really cared for. Tine ensures to their wellbeing and when they are poorly gives them extra care.

The staff are kind, caring and considerate and all animal lovers, and Monte and louie have made so many friends!

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Janne Gascoine

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